Friday, 21 February 2014

Why Sew?

If you sew, you'll know!

Perhaps like me, you're just have to be creative and day job doesn't fulfil those needs.  I love the feeling of immersing myself in a project and seeing one of my makes come to life, from initial thought to taking shape, thinking about the colours, structure and embellishments (that's the fun part) to finally seeing your make find life when it's finally able to be worn.  The excitement at finding an Aladdin's cave full of gorgeousness in the form of a zillion types of fabric can really set the creative juices flowing.  I hope that I can find and share some secrets here amongst other sewing bloggers.

Whatever your creative likes are - dark colours, jewel brights (a personal favourite), wools, silks or tweeds, softly flowing or with structure and body - there's always a piece of fabric that can inspire you.  Sometimes it takes a while to find, other times not, sometimes it's just sitting right there in your sewing box, waiting for your ideas to strike.

I hope I can inspire and interest you with my online journal of creativity.  I have a wishlist and hope to bring this to life, sharing ideas and tips and perhaps encouraging some of you to have a go. 

Happy sewing.
Linda x

My newly acquired mannequin (named Polythene Pam by Mr P) getting ready to display garments. 

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