Monday, 10 March 2014

Alternative Use for the Sewing Machine

Due to the fact that redecorating the sewing room has taken precendence this weekend, I haven't been able to get busy with my recent fabric finds and so I thought I'd make this a post combining two of favourite things - travel and sewing.

In the not too dim and distant past Mr P and I took a trip to Panama and visited some wonderfully wacky gardens called El Explorador in Boquete.  Mr P's description was "West Chiltington on acid" - West Chiltington is a picture perfect English village near the South Downs in Sussex!  The owners of El Explorador have taken everyday objects and given them a new lease of life in the form faces and quotes, all of which are in Spanish.  Shown below is their take on sewing machines:-

Well, now I know what to do in the garden when my old sewing machine expires from overwork!

Also on the same trip we visited the old town of Panama Viejo and outside a restaurant called Las Bovedas was a young lady on a treadle machine - although I have to say she looked in need of a little machine oil.

Now I have another remit on my travels - to find sewing related curiosities.

Happy sewing.


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