Sunday, 2 March 2014

Purple Boucle

Well, today's post is not sewing related as such, but it is about fabric and is something I thought would 
be nice to share.

Whilst out in town yesterday I was coming out of a shop at the same time as a lady, perhaps in her 70s.  She was wearing a purple boucle coat and it suited her so much I did a double take.  I wondered if I should tell her how nice she looked and how much the colour suited her. I hesitated for a second before she was gone but then felt compelled to say something.

She was surprised but delighted to receive an unexpected comment and it turns out she had been thinking of getting rid of the coat.  I told her she definitely should not as the colour was so her.  She replied that I'd made her day and that she would keep the coat.  

It just goes to show, a few words don't cost anything but can make the giver and receiver feel ten feet tall. 

Now, where can I get some purple boucle?

Happy sewing

Linda x 

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