Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Soft Furnishing Diversion

A very welcome day off on Friday heralded the start of the revamp of the craft room.   Whilst Mr P got busy with the paintbrush I set up camp in the dining room to start on new curtains to match the walls.  My choice of fabric was a pretty lilac grey satin purchased for the princely sum of £2.00 per metre on a recent trip to Barry's Fabrics in Birmgham.  In between providing minimal decorating assistance (and copious cups of tea!) I had the curtains lined and finished in good time.

Now, curtains are not my favourite item to sew, there being little room for creativity in their make up, but they were a necessary project.  I'm not attaching a picture here but will showcase them once the craft room is complete - a before and after gallery.......

Day 2 arrived with a new project, craft room unrelated.  Our new sofa required a further plump cushion for added comfort and I decided a little embellishment would be nice to add after yesterday's minimal curtains, so I decided on grey squares on a  mauve background.  Below is a step by step of my make:-

The pre-sewn design

This is the design I wished to make - picture shows the cut pieces.

The cut embellishment

The second picture shows the shapes as cut.  I folded a piece of square fabric twice (in half then in half again) and then cut a curve around the outside and a curve in the middle.
I ended up with this shape.  After cutting another six shapes I pressed them flat and then arranged and pinned them onto the front piece of the cushion.  I then zig-zagged stitched around the outside and inside of each shape. 

The end result was:-

Happy sewing.

And here's a bolster I made with some taffeta flowers too:-

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