Monday, 31 March 2014

Sunshine and a Fabric Haul

What a lovely weekend with sunshine on Saturday for all it seems like Spring has finally arrived!

Even better, Mr P and I took a trip to Leicester to visit friends and I managed a rummage around one of my old shopping grounds - Leicester market, and turned up some beautiful fabrics. With all this sunshine a new piece of fabric for a spring garment was definitely on the cards.

Stuart's Fabrics

Leicester Market is one of the UK's largest permanent markets and has some great stalls for all but, hey, let's stick to what we're about here.  After a quick shifty around I decided to investigate Stuart's Fabrics and wow, does he have some nice stock. 

Oooh, love this chartreuse shade

 My first choice was a lovely navy, cream and chartreuse jersey, quickly followed by a navy, dark violet and cream print jersey - excellent quality and a bargain at £4 per metre.

A little mixing up here 

Next up was 3 metres of heavy cobalt blue satin which will become something similar to this Valentin Yudashkin number.  I purchased enough to cut it on the bias and at £6 per metre for 3 metres that's a fair bit of fabric.  The printed cotton satin was £8 per metre and the turquoise raw silk £10 per metre.

And finally a lovely wool remnant - enough for a fitted dress which I would love to enter into Julia Bobbin's Mad Men Challenge but I'm about a year too late.  However, I'm still inspired so I'm going to construct my Mad Men dress anyway.  I just need to have a good rummage through my pattern stash.

Phew, that should keep me going for a while.

Don't forget to check out Stuart's Fabrics if you're in Leicester - or let me in on any of your Fabric Find secrets.

Happy sewing

Linda x

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