Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Hello Flower - Are You A Catwalk Inspiration?

Trying to broaden my sewing challenges slightly I decided that one of my sewing projects should be a mix of various fabrics and wondered what it would be like to integrate not two, but three fabric types into my next make.  I'm happy to say it worked........

Inspiration struck whilst perusing Pinterest (like I need it with the gazillion patterns I already own by Burda and Patrones) and I thought this little number had something about it Christopher Kane SS14 Flower Dress.  I think it was the writing that struck me originally but the flowers look good too....

Christopher Kane SS14

So, after a quick jog round the net I found this lovely foxglove fabric from Fancy Moon Fabrics , a tad over my usual spend limit at £13.00 per metre plus postage but I loved the colours and I do have a largish piece left for a future make so it's not so expensive really.  Next came some black cotton satin and black mesh from good old Ebay. 

The pattern used was a trusty Burda -  November 2013 no 128.  There's only 3 pieces to it so it was easy to cut the top half of the bodice and shorten the sleeves.

The headscratching part was when I had to source the letters for the writing.  Another web search turned up nothing easy in terms of free downloadable letter templates so in the end I just used Word and made the letters to the size and font I wanted them, then blocked them and traced them right off the screen.  Not even the necessity to set up the printer!!

Once I had the greaseproof  paper letters I cut out them out  in fabric - FIDDLY - and then pinned and stitched them using the smallest zig zag stitch.

Coo, sunny in the garden

There were some minor amends to the pattern, including a bit of shaping where front darts would normally be,  cutting the front neckline wider to make a more flattering boat neck and adding some small darts to the top of the shoulders as there's no seams on these set in sleeves.  Minded by my Mad Men Make I added some piping at the join on the bodice.

To finish the neckline I made bias binding from the mesh fabric - also fiddly as it's just sooo soft.  To make it neater I sewed the bias on the inside first before pinning and sewing it from the right side to finish.

One minor amend I still need to make is on the mesh on the bodice where there's small gather due to the mesh being rather stretchy but this is an easy fix. Thought I'd leave that in as we all make the odd mistake here and there!!

I added a beaded zipper pull as the zip is in a position that's not so easy to reach and I like the way the crystal and pearl beads add a little of the colour on the dress front.

Ease factor:  pretty straightforward with a few pattern tweaks.
Cost:  £15.00 for foxglove fabric (inc postage) plus 1 metre cotton satin and 1 metre mesh at about £6.00 each so total £27 but in terms of fabric usage, roughly £14.00 plus some beads from my stash. 

I'd love to know if you've created something that has been inspired by a catwalk collection.  Maybe you could leave a link in the comments so I can eyeball it!

Happy sewing

Linda x


  1. I love the piping and zipper pull, what brilliant ideas! The dress looks like it would have cost a fortune in the shops, so a real success.


    1. Hi Vicki - thanks for stopping by and posting your comment. I was really pleased with my catwalk "copycat". I used to make jewellery hence the zipper pull, but much prefer sewing!!!