Sunday, 11 May 2014

Animal Print and Cobalt - Burda November 2013 - Number 130

Well, it was the beginning of February when I visited Barry's Fabric Market in Birmingham and purchased a stash of fabric amongst which was a leopard print chiffon georgette.  A later pootle round the Bull Ring and I caught sight of these Dune Dita Shoes and fell in love.  I decided as the shoes were somewhat expensive I would put my sewing skills into action to make a me-style top incorporating the cobalt blue and animal print sassy look.

The pattern used is a Burda Style November 2013, number 130 and I decided that my 2m of chiffon georgette would be perfect for this soft fabric top with vastly oversized sleeves.  I do love a quirk and so added in more trim to the cuffs plus the neck slash at the front and back.

I do so love a big sleeve and these large beauties have a tuck to a gather and movement with this floaty fabric.  The bias edging and cuffs were a bit fiddly and the cuffs actually took 3 attempts due to the first band being too narrow (oops) and the second one being too tight (doh!).  The third attempt, happily, worked, but the cuffs ended up a tad larger than I'd like.By that time I was done with unpicking cuffs!

 I even managed to find a matching button from my button box for the back fastening.(Matches so well you can hardly see it!)

This would be a good work top with smart trousers or skirt or a beach top with a bikini so becomes a multi tasking garment.

Ease factor:  Straightforward, apart from the fiddly cuffs, with three main pieces - front/back/sleeves.
Cost: 2 metres at about £4.00 per metre + a little cobalt edging from satin purchased for another make.

Do you like an animal print - I'd love to know?

Happy sewing

Linda x


  1. GAH!!!! Give me a minute to pick my jaw up off my keyboard....the shoes are fabulous!!! You honored them beautifully with this blouse! Very nicely done!

    1. They're something aren't they Sue. A tad expensive so I opted for the me made blouse instead so I could have some animal print with cobalt.
      Thank you for your comment.