Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Burda Gold Top - January 2001/118

As an interlude between blogging about partaking in the wonderful Me Made May 2014, as organised by Zoe of So Zo... What Do You Know? and an overview of my first week, I thought I would share a recent make in the form of a gold knit top - Me Made May Day 2 (Flickr - MeMadeMay14)

This was a fairly easy make with a front/back/sleeves and a scarf - oh and a little pocket and flap. I do love a 3/4 sleeve.

The body and sleeves were a basic put together and pocket made use of my practice of creating a curve as used on my Frills-Definitely A Learning Curve post. 

This was how the scarf looked once I had sewn one edge to the body and sewn and turned the ends.  It was a light fabric to work with so I just pressed and pinned the inside edge and machine stitched it very carefully along the edge of the turn through the neck. Worked a treat and no hand sewing - woo hoo!

A small working pocket on one side with a flat and sweet gold button gave the top a further bit of interest.  The photo makes the fabric look a little stretched but that's just the light, not the fabric!

Here's a nice view of the scarf and dart. 

I did originally think that the fabric might be a bit "Christmassy" being gold and all, and it got consigned to the loft, but after signing up for Me Made May 14 and having a rummage upstairs I thought, hey, why not.  It's not too festive and actually dresses up a dark separate and looks flattering against most skin tones.

Ease factor:  Easy - even the scarf piece and the fabric behaved itself so was easy to sew.
Cost:  Can't remember as this fabric was purchased ages ago, probably around 1.5 metres

Happy sewing.

Linda x


  1. I don't think it's too Christmassy, It is beautiful and you look fantastic in it. You could dress this up or down, really lovely.

    1. Thank you Louise. I'm now a fan of gold as it flatters a multitude of skin tones and, yes, it looks as good with jeans or an office skirt or a night time mini. x