Thursday, 8 May 2014

Me Made May 14 - Week One Overview

Can't tell you how excited I was when I realised I was in time to be part of this years fabulous sewing challenge organised by Brighton sewing blogger Zoe of So Zo What Do You Know......  The 30th April felt like Christmas Eve!!  I joined in the Flickr MMM14 group to where lots of makes are being showcased.

The challenge was your own as long as it included me made and it got me to thinking about some long ago worn garments that hadn't yet been consigned to the charity shop box.  Day 1 saw the return of this fitted skirt with buttons and faux pockets.  Yeayy.... it looked good and received a good reception. 

Day 2 was the turn of a new item - a gold fine knit - blogged here  with Day 3 seeing an old favourite come out in the form of the silk bubble dress, as blogged here at Indian Summer Clothes, but worn unbelted and with a long sleeved tee for the challenge due to a cold breeze here in Sussex.

Day 4 saw me rummaging in the loft and pulling out a dotty georgette unloved piece, which has now been returned to the wardrobe for future outings.

On Day 5 my strapless stretch asymmetric hem made an appearance, usually worn in the evening and languishing in the "don't throw may wear again someday" drawer, turned into a day dress with the help of another long sleeved tee.

Day 6 was an outing for a super comfy dotty (oh, no used up all my dots for Friday 9th May theme!) 3/4 sleeve top with lingerie lace embellishment at the hem.

I ended week one with my take on the Feminine Wardrobe cotton satin and sash dress as blogged here. 

What a lovely week, and still more than three weeks to go!  Its so lovely seeing all the creations from seamstresses all over the world, garnering ideas for new projects and finding my style. 

More creations very soon.

Happy sewing

Linda x


  1. MMM14 Is good fun isn't it? I'm not actually bothering to take the pictures though! Just doing it for myself this year, maybe next year I'll document it properly. Really makes you think about what you are wearing and why. I need to make more jersey t-shirts as that's what I want to reach for most days!

  2. Oh, Louise, MMM is ao much fun, and much more of a learning curve than I anticipated. Doing it for yourself is part of the whole challenge. I have made some new pieces but reviewed some old pieces and am amazed at how I am discovering my personal style at the age that I am. I also need to make more casual t.shirts and leggings. I hope i can see some of your creations one day x