Thursday, 15 May 2014

Me Made May 14 - Week Two Overview

Well, here we are rocking halfway through May and the Me Mades just keep on coming.  There's soooo much inspiration that I feel will keep me going for a whole year until Me Made May 15. 

So, for now here's my week two roundup:-

I do love this old favourite broderie anglais shift dress worn for Day 8.  It's such a good work staple and wears so well. 

Day 9 and my teal 1940s style dress saw the light with a cream (not MM) layer.  I was in two minds whether to keep hold of this one but now, seeing it worn again, it will stay in the wardrobe for occasional outings.

Saturday being Day 10 and Eurovision on the telly saw me rooting for the UK in my "London" dress.  Made specially for the Jubilee in 2012 it doesn't get many wearings, but will do now after so many lovely comments from fellow Me Makers

Dress down and casual was the order of the day on Sunday's Day 11 so out of the drawer came my lightweight little ditzy print grey flower frill top (phew - what a long description!) with comfortable un Me Made leggings.

Back to work on day 12 with a recent make inspired by blogger Julia Bobbin and her Mad Men theme.  I wore it with a lace vest underneath and even got compared to a make by the great Vivienne Westwood (faint!)


 Day 13 and I was accompanied today by modelling assistant, Louie, who looked lovely as he celebrated his birthday in his neat bow tie.  I wore my fitted flower dress and matching Me Made brooch and Louie got a whole heap of comments and stole the limelight somewhat!

My shoes inspired make for Day 14 was my recently finished leopard and cobalt trimmed HUGE sleeved blouse - it's making me think French chic for some reason.  The blouse got another good reception so will be making many more outings. 

Hope all you Me Makers are enjoying the ride.  Roll on Week Three!!

Happy sewing

Linda x


  1. Your London dress is really fun! :-) You have so many lovely me-made dresses.

    1. Thank you Ladystitcher. I love my London dress too - forgotton how much fun it is to wear after i shelved it once the Olympics finished.

  2. I love your day 12 Mad Men dress, that is an amazing style, the boddice is so interesting and the fabirc is so classic you will be wearing that forever! I've not got enough Me Made things in my wardrobe this year, but you have inspired me to aim to take part in next years.

    1. Hi Vicki- sorry for late reply - been showcasing week 3 of MMM on holiday. Thank you for your comments I'd been wanting to make this dress for ages then found the ideal fabric. Good luck for the rest of the year expanding your me made wardrobe and I look forward to seeing you taking part next year.

  3. Hello Linda! You have made so many lovely garments, I especially love your leopard blouse - you did an excellent work on piping. I just followed you through Bloglovin' and can not wait to see your next creations.
    Happy sewing!

    1. Hi Hana
      Great to hear from you outside MMM. Thank you for all your lovely comments during the month and thank you also for your lovely photos of your creations and the area where you live. i will be sure to check out your blog at Velvet Ribbon and also look forward to seeing your new garments.
      Happy Sewing

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