Thursday, 5 June 2014

An Asymmetric Skirt

Well, back to earth after the heady excitement of  Me Made May 14 and I thought I'd post about my Day 24 skirt as it really didn't come out well in the post and I do think it's worthy of a better photo than that of the me made day.

I do love mixing fabrics and after seeing a picture in a magazine recently of an asymmetrical skirt, I thought I would have a go at making it and also combine two of the fabrics in my stash.                   

The pattern is one from my collection of Burda and is a fairly simple wrapover pattern.  It wasn't originally asymmetric, so I amended the pattern pieces so that the front of the skirt has differing lengths.  I used a lovely grey linen that I got from Leicester Market as a one-off end of roll.  I then cut an extra piece for the right skirt front from black daisy fabric, purchased earlier this year as a remnant from Ditto Fabrics in Brighton.  Being a bit sheer I use the daisy fabric on top of the regular linen right front piece.

I graduated the rear pattern piece of the skirt to meet with both the skirt front, not too heavily as it would have looked odd, more from the front than the back!  I think the deep waistband really suits the style and adds a block of colour to the right front for balance.

This view shows shows the underside of the front.  I turned the daisy fabric to the inside and just stitched it to the linen.  If making one like this you could always secure the front overlap with a discreet tie, but I prefer just to wear with leggings.  I think I'll be getting a fair few wears from this over the summer.

Now for a brain teaser........

I'm just amazed at the form partially sewn fabric takes.  Can anyone guess at what my current project might be?  Answers (not on a postcard) please in the comments.  

Happy sewing.

Linda xx


  1. That is clearly a Fabric Spider!

    I love your asymmetric skirt, it's very inspirational!

    1. Hi Bea
      Yep, you guessed it!! He was a bit gig to trap in a glass though!
      Thank you for your comment on the skirt - I'm glad you found it inspirational