Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Me Made May 14 - The Second Half

Further to my weeks one and two overview I thought I would condense the second half of the challenge into one post as I've been busy reviewing all the me-made creations and have also been away on holiday.

The style has been ramping up and I've now enough favourites now to keep me going with inspiration for quite some time.  Here's my appraisal of how things went with Daisy.

Week 3 started with an old summery favourite I call my Venice dress - purely 'cos I made it for a trip to Venice (Patrones 268, no 9), followed on Friday by a new make from my Leicester stash - the drop waist daisy dress with a smidge of a bow (another Patrones).  Worn here with a white skirt.

Day 17 saw the yin to the yang of my London dress (day 10) with my Paris dress, similar style and well suited to the nice weather that day.  I felt rather continental.  Day 18 being the first day of my holiday I donned my old New Year's Eve 1999 dress, unworn for many years, for evening cocktails.

A bit breezy by the pool on Day 19 but I was determined to wear my me-made and out came the citrus bright halter neck dress. I love these colours but am aware that the lining needs a little tweak.
Another evening me made on day 20 with the Hello Flower dress recently made and blogged.  I felt quite elegant. 

 Day 21 was Stars but no Stripes day in my comfy day skirt with gathered elasticated sides - perfect for throwing on over a bikini or with a little tee, hotly followed by my "made for holidays" one-shoulder poolside dress on day 22.  The peacock print caused some consternation when sewing but it all worked out in the end.

Another old favourite - i.e. nearly from the last century - came out for dinner on Day 23.  I just love this grey silk dress I made for my honeymoon in 2000 and on Day 24 it was time for a spot of fabric shopping in Barcelona so I sported a mixed fabric fake wrap skirt, soon to be blogged.


Back home by Day 25 and the sun shone so I dug out my old linen 60s print dress and did a little gardening. Bank holiday Monday (Day 26) and the green circle theme continued with a floaty chiffon top made in 2005 for a wedding. (Apologies - the photos are back to front for these two days),

Back to work on Day 27 saw me sporting a very old self stripe skirt, which almost got thrown out a while ago, with my silk tank, another silk purchase from India - topped  off with my "dressmaking necklace" - cute scissors included.  Day 28 and a return to day 1's skirt teamed with a teal blue 2005 made blouse for a fresh look.

One of my three Burda stretch dresses made up Day 29s outfit, blogged here at The Lampshade Dress.  With its fun print  a sewing top made its debut on Day 30, this being my most recent make and although no "panic" sewing was the order of the day, this was in the pipeline anyway and I really couldn't resist it.  The majority of the fabric stash shown was picked up in Barcelona - I'll be keeping you posted in case you fancy a shopping trip there soon.

Finally, a wave goodbye to Me Made May 14 on Day 31 with my favourite frill dress and a tinge of sadness at knowing there would be no more daily creations and interactions with the fabulous sewists from all over the globe. However, I'm sure there's going to be some "keeping in touch" with me makers via their blogs so not so sad really.

So, what did I get from the challenge?  I did realise that I do make a LOT of dresses and really should concentrate on making other things too.  Apart from interacting with a whole load of wonderful dressmakers from all over the world I identified the gaps in my wardrobe as being:
  1. Me made trousers - especially some great print ones (thank you Nishi in Singapore)
  2. Base layers - both plain and patterned and quirky tops and leggings to wear underneath dresses/skirts/on their own (thank you Thisismoonlight in Australia)
  3. Lounge wear - so many makers had made t shirts/ leggings/ jerseys (thanks Carolyn S in Perth) - I will definitely be working hard on this one!
  4. I'd also really like a peplum top (thanks Sue@AColourfulCanvas in Canada)
  5. Maybe some underwear (not shown but thank you Zozowahine of Brighton for the idea)
Others inspiration givers, way too many to mention here, but I'll be re-checking you out over the coming months.

To see all the lovely me mades and the final comments please go to:


And last, but not least,  a big thank you to Zoe of sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.co.uk/ for organizing the whole shebang, not forgetting cute modelling assistant, Delores.  What a star.  Roll on May 2015!

Happy sewing

Linda x


  1. You sure do make a lot of beautiful dresses! I love the ones with the really fun prints! You are very talented!


    1. Thank you Rebecca. I do seem to have a lot of dresses in my wardrobe. I'm now going to concentrate on separates for a while after seeing lots of them in me made may, especially cozy base layers.
      I think I'll still be carrying on with my fun prints though!

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  3. Such a lovely array of dresses! And I love your by-the-pool outfit! I really enjoyed my first MMM, definitely learned a lot about my sewing perspective and what I should consider making next.

    1. Hi Ladystitcher. Thanks for your comment. I do love my Pool outfit too and am trying to think of ways to wear it when not by the pool. Maybe over some leggings? I too learned much from Me Made May, especially that I make a lot of dresses and not enough other things. Happy sewing.

  4. Hurray! My trousers got a mention! I've really loved following you through May especially because of all your beautiful dresses, so please don't stop making them! Thank you so much for sharing them & your sweet personality!

    1. Thank you, I certainly won't stop making the dresses and have a few in the pipeline already. Thank you too for sharing your lovely makes and interacting so delightfully