Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A Little Sewing Skirt and Mini Giveaway

After finishing the second "Lyndsey" dress and almost finishing my 50s inspired wiggle dress this last weekend I ended up staring hard at my fabric box and thumbing through pattern books waiting for the right inspiration to strike.

Eventually I got a tap on the shoulder as opposed to a thunderbolt and decided to make one of my "on the list" from recently purchased Patrones - a wrapover skirt with pockets and tie front as seen here, number 16.

I chose some fabric purchased from Fabricland in Brighton, originally for a dress but deciding it would look good as a skirt as I have some khaki separates that would go extremely well with it.  That and I just couldn't resist the cute print!

Making up was easy peasy, sew pockets in, add gathers, sew side seams and then add on the waistband which I cut on the bias to give a slightly different angle to the way the fabric looked.  I still needed a little more of a challenge than simply sewing on the waistband and so, after a further rummage, picked out some cobalt blue satin to make some piping and pick up the colours in the fabric pattern.  This simple addition adds to the garment and defines the waistband from the rest of the skirt.

Oops, must remove that tailor's chalk mark
A large vintage button and a couple ties finished off the skirt and, to save my blushes, I quickly squeaked out a lace underskirt - a simple tube with one french seam at the back, an elasticated waist and a scalloped edge.

To save topstitching showing (and also having to sew around a curve) I decided to finish the hem with a 4 cm self facing which I traced off the main pattern as a separate pattern piece.

Thank goodness for the lace underskirt - bit breezy on Blackheath Common
Completed on Thursday night, Friday saw me showing off my new make for lunch at Blackheath in London. Hmmm, lunch in London seems to be becoming a bit of a post sewing habit.

So, now to the giveaway which is the skirt pattern and a remnant of the fabric used.

The double part of the remant (i.e. 150cm wide) is 60 cm in length with the total length being about a metre.  It's a standard poly cotton mix, enough for a small strappy top or maybe if, like me, you like to mix up fabrics, you can use this with another fabric.  See my Hello Flower dress here for ideas.  The skirt pattern is european size 40 and this is what you will get, although as it's a wrapover, this can easily be adapted.  Also the instructions are in Spanish so I don't usually use them.  If you read Spanish that's fine but if not,  it's not tricky to put together if you have some experience.

If you'd like to win (either the pattern, the fabric or both) just drop me a comment at the end of this post and the winner will be chosen at random on Friday 18 May. Please remember to include a link so that I can contact you.

P.S.  Edition of Patrones not included - I haven't finished making stuff from it yet!!!

Now the basics:-
Ease factor:  Straightforward, nothing to confuse here (I really must challenge myself!)
Cost:  Approx £3.60 per metre and I used about 2 metres with some leftover as you can see.

OK, another post wrapped up........

Happy sewing

Linda x


  1. Hello !
    I'm in for the giveaway ! Your skirt is lovely. I love the piping and the coordinated shoes !

    1. Hello Karine
      Sorry for the late reply - it's been a busy weekend. Would you like to email me your details so that i can send you the remnant and pattern.
      My email is:

  2. Thanks for your comment. I like to try for a bit of co ordination here and there. Makes picking the fabric fun.