Thursday, 28 January 2016

Glam Slam Repairs

In a diversion from my usual sewing posts,today I'd like to offer inspiration on a little shoe glamour.

Do you have a pair of washed up shoes that you really don't want to throw out? What to do?

 I'm really not sure how the colour wore off the heels of my beloved gold sandals and thought the only way to repair them would be to spray the heels. What if the gold shades didn't match? Hmmmmm.

The answer came when I found a fab tutorial by gorgeous vintage loving Sussex belle Miss Amy May who has written a wonderful and very informative post on bedazzling which gives a step by step guide to jazzing up your accessories - especially shoes!

As a guide it took me about an hour per heel to sashay up these gold glam pots but you DO NEED to make sure you use a wax pick  to pick up the stones (available on ebay for around 99p for 3) and a strong glue that dries clear- that's really about it- oh, and use a small receptacle for the rhinestones too as you can shake it around to get the rhinestones the right way up.  Don't worry if you think the stones seem to disappear under a sea of white glue as you are sticking them on, they will come out super sparkly once  the glue dries.

So really that's it.  A once treasured pair of shoes, almost destined for the bin, now given a new lease of life. 

Well, what are you waiting for - go bedazzle.

Daisy xx