Monday, 27 November 2017

Blue Velvet, I mean Lurex .....

Good grief, is it so long since my last post?????

I did keep meaning to resolve to post as much as I sew but somehow, life got in the way.  You know how it is.....

Anyway, I know some of you goody two-shoes manage to post about your sewing makes whenever you finish a project but I'm waaaaaay behind, so here's one I finished earlier, I mean last year......... my blue (bluish-turquoise to be official) one-shoulder glam dress.

The idea started off in my head after seeing a blogger (whose name escapes me for now but I'll rack my brains later) who had made a delightful 3/4 sleeve top in the exact same material. - If you know who you are please tell me and I'll tag you, my brain sees so much exciting inspiration I can't possibly remember from so far back and before Instagram let me save photos so you'll have use your imagination. 

My plan was to make said top so I was delighted to find the exact fabric match in  Fabricland and bought more than enough (just in case I wanted to make a skirt too).

The plan never came to fruition however as I decided I needed a glam dress (as you do) and used said fabric for this dreamy number instead.

It's a Patrones and I had made it before in silk chiffon so I guess that made me an old hand, the lurex being a squillion times more easy to handle than flippery, slippery silk chiffon.  As the lurex is a fairly fine fabric a lining was needed to save my blushes, and a stretch one at that. Eeek - as usual I wanted to make this dress NOW and didn't have time to do online shopping and wait for the postie to deliver.  So.... off I went to my second stash in the loft and came up with this pink camouflage lycra, purchased at Birmgham Rag Market a very long time ago....  what was I thinking when I decided this must be in my stash???  

This just goes to show - that bargain that you think you don't need may one day come in handy.  My turquoise lurex dress has a secret pink combat print lycra lining and it's as comfy as that pair of old slippers you never want to throw out.

Construction was straightforward bodice x 2, skirt front and back.  I put in a side-zipper at the non-shoulder side which worked well and the ties are added in as separate pieces instead of being cut out as all part of the bodice which meant I could cut them from the itty bitty leftovers of fabric.  The detail is some nice little gathers at the waist, but on fitting the gathers bulked into a not so flattering line so I made them into darts to give a smoother fit.

So far, it's only had two wears but it does feel glam so I'm sure it'll get more wears in future, especially since I found the perfect jewellery set to go with it - ebay cheapo bargains sure are the best sometimes!

All in all a great make and a great bargain.

Details: So long ago I can't really remember but about 1.5 m of lures, around £4.00 per metre from Fabricland, Brighton.
Just about a metre of lining - long ago bargain from the Rag Market. 
1 zipper.

Not too difficult apart from the fiddly sewing of said slippery lining.

I hope I've inspired some Christmas frocks out there... Now, back to sewing and hopefully my next blog post will be delivered with a shorter gap than my last one!

Happy sewing

Linda xx