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Hi, I'm Linda.  I live in Sussex between the sea and the Downs and as I just love to sew, that is when I'm not mountain biking, cooking, working and enjoying a cheeky glass of wine.

This year I have set myself a challenge to revamp my wardrobe, not to buy any ready made/boutique clothes, but to make everything myself.  Along the way I plan to teach myself to draft my own patterns and the results, good or bad, will be documented here.

My first foray into the world of stitching began when I was placed on a YTS course (yes, how long ago is that!!) in the wardrobe department of a local theatre in my home town of Coventry.  I was allowed to sift through the remnants after a production and choose a piece of fabric to make something.  I still remember like yesterday the black gathered skirt made from a gossamer light fabric that was my first easy peasy piece and which I wore almost until it washed away.

Over the years have  progressed to patterns and embellishments, adding in my own creativity along the way. I mostly use Burda and Patrones pattern magazines and now have rather a large stash!  It can be interesting trying to figure out the pattern lines but experience has made it easier over the years.

I especially love to rummage in a fabric shop, especially a new found one that can be a veritable treasure trove of delights.  I become a fabrice magpie and gather up laces, taffetas, wools and jerseys, all of which will become a  project once inspiration strikes;

I decided to start this blog to keep a diary of my makes and share my musings and a few tips and tutorials.  I hope you'll find my little blog of interest if you enjoy sewing and I would welcome hearing from all you creative people in the online sewing community, or if you're not already a seamstress, maybe I can offer some inspiration to garner your ideas and find a hobby that's fun and useful too.

I'd love to hear from you so contact me at daisysfunkyflorals@gmail.com

Happy Sewing.
Linda x
Oh, and did I mention I love dogs too?  Here's Little Moo, in his bespoke dog collar tab - made by yours truly of course!

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  1. Hi, I have just found your blog via the Pinterest page for Vintage Pattern a Pledge and thought I would say Hi as I also create in Sussex! Happy New Year!